Monday, April 04, 2005

I Luv Them

I used to think that teaching kindergarten students wouldn't be as fun as teaching teenagers.
I thought that I wouldn't like them as much as I like high school students.
I thought that I wouldn't be able to perform my best in teaching them.
I thought teaching them was a big waste of energy.
I thought teaching them wouldn't give me much satisfaction.
I thought..........

Well, I was WRONG !

I've found out that they are the best creatures, for they have the least lies and the purest heart.
I now love teaching them as much as teaching my high school students, even more sometimes.
I've found out that I can perform well, as well as teaching the other levels.
I've found out that teaching them isn't a waste of energy at all.
Well, it's indeed tiring to handle 5 and 6 years old students, but seeing how much they enjoy the lesson and the way they show their enthusiasm are really worth it.
In fact, teaching them really gives me satisfaction.

They are amazing!
They tell you what they think.
They show you what they feel.
They love you because they do like you.
They may make you laugh and angry at the same time.
They attract your attention in simplest and unbelievable ways.
No lies! (at least not the kind of lies I usually find :) )

They are really cute!
Look at those cute little faces.
Look at those small hands.
Look at those breath-taking smiles.
Look at those beautiful eyes.
Look at those naughty actions.

And this morning, one of my super duper active students came over me and told me,

"Miss Rina, Miss Rina...."

"Yes, Acel?"

"Today is my birthday"

"Oh, really? Is it really your birthday today?"

"Yes, Miss!"

"Well then, Happy Birthday Acel!"

He moved his head and showed me his cheeks as he smiled. I just couldn't hold my laugh as I saw that. He was asking me for a birthday kiss. WoW ! ^__^ It's really a great feeling to find out that my students like me, while in fact I haven't been teaching them long. I then bent down and kissed both of his cheeks as I repeated my Happy Birthday wish.

My kindergarten students......

Aahh, How I luv them! :)

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