Sunday, July 16, 2006


It's been long since I last wrote here. A lot of things have happened, but I think I will post some stories about them later.

So, I know this girl who introduced herself online as sandra from UK. I didn't know who this girl was until she greeted me on yahoo messenger. When I first got her friend's request, I was surprised as females don't normally get request from the same sex. So, I was wondering how this girl got my e-mail address. Then, on the same time I finally decided to accept her request, I was checking all the e-mails I got. I happened to open some mails from a friend who sent me some pictures of places, people working, and scenery. I noticed that in all the "to" part, there was this same e-mail address that seemed like a person's name that was similar to this girl's name. I then assumed that she must be the friend of my friend.

So, one day when I was online, she said 'hi'. As a normal reaction I said 'hi' back to her as I was curious whether she was really my friend's friend. After some introduction of name and country, she started to tell me about business things. She mentioned that she had just inherited some money from her father and was thinking of investing it on something. She then asked me about what's good for investment in Indonesia then I told her what I knew.

Anyway, I asked her how she got my yahoo's address, but she didn't wanna tell me. I thought okay, that was her right, but I was just wondering what's hard about mentioning it. Well, she probably had her own reasons.

Out talk went further about her asking me to invest my money on the business she wanted to do.I was a bit shocked as I don't meet people like that often. I mean, you don't ask someone on internet you hardly know and even never meet in person to invest his or her money on your business. I tried to be nice by telling her that I didn't have the money for investment. Well, I was telling her the truth anyway. She then tried to convince me and wanted to give her bank account's number.

That's just pushy for me. I started not to like this person. I never like pushy people. However, I still tried to treat her properly till the end of the chat. It wasn't a long chat anyway as I had to go home.

And today, I saw an offline message from her telling me that I'm deceiving myself and that she doesn't need me. And what's so funny is she called me "you, someone from a terrorist country!" What the hell was that?!!

I guess I logged out of yahoo at almost the same time she logged in. Well, internet here can be so slow that messages are transferred lated. She must have thought that I didn't wanna talk to her or perhaps set myself invisible. Well, I sometimes do that 'invisible' setting when I don't wanna talk to people that I don't wish to talk to or perhaps when I'm busy doing some work things online. I've started doing that eversince some people on my list keep annoying me with their questions and other things eventhough I set my status "busy". Some of them even got angry when I told them that I would talk to them when I was not busy.

Well, I know I can't expect everybody to have a broader way of thinking, but it was just annoying to hear someone calls you 'a terrorist( implicitly, though)'.DARN! Did she ever go to school and learn about respecting other people and other cultures? I know that a lot of things have happened in this country...the bombings, the terrorist label that has been attached since the first bali's blast, the-one of the most corrupting countries in the world-label, and others. In other words, we don't really have a good reputation now. However, it's just so silly to generalize things like what she did. I think she really needs some brainwash.

It was just too bad. I was hoping she was someone nice inspite the pushy impression she gave me on our first chat. She's the friend of my good friend, so I thought she was a quite okay person. But, I think you never really know people, even those who are around you, don't you?