Tuesday, October 25, 2011

1.5 years of motherhood

It's been such a long time since I last blogged that sometimes I forget that I actually do have a blog. Anyways, what a life it has been. It is just unpredictable. Some things are just even better than what I once thought while some others are more complicated. Still, I'm grateful that I can go through my every-day life as a working mother and a wife.

So, has it really been 1.5 years? Sometimes I feel that it was just yesterday when I delivered my super active little Maxi in that small hospital. Being a working mother is really a lot of work. There were some considerations before I finally signed myself in Embassy-my present work place, while keeping my private teaching job. On one hand, I didn't want to lose any moments of maxi's little actions. On the other hand, despite the need to get new challenges, I had to support the family financially.

Well, talking about motherhood, I am now used to having unsound sleep and backaches (hope it's not because I'm getting older :p) and taking anemia supplements every now and then, especially when I feel dizzy due to sleepless nights. Now I know why the word 'sacrifice' would best describe a mother.

Spending some time with maxi every morning before I leave for Embassy or private teaching is just priceless and irreplaceable. It's amazing to witness every single progress and growth of a baby. I do not have the time to read my fav novels anymore as by the time maxi is asleep, I have house chores to do or I am too tired and sleepy to even read the first few lines of the first page. Still, I will never replace my quality time with maxi with anything, even it's a week self-indulging trip to the best holiday spot :)

Well, what can I say? Maxi is now my world! [well, it doesn't mean that you're not part of my world too, hubby baby :)]