Monday, December 24, 2007

Happy New Year

December has always been one of the few months I've always looked forward to these past 5 years. It's at the same time the busiest and craziest month of the year (especially the first 2 weeks of it). Still, it's worth waiting.

There have been a lot of things going on this year. Now that the end of the year is approaching, I begin to think of what I should do better next year. So many things didn't go well but I think I did what I could. Despite all the problems and disappointments in friendship and future plans, I'm grateful of the blessings I've got this year. It's not always easy to be grateful when you are to deal with more and more problems. I now see a lot of things from different angles. Hopefully, I can be a better me next year.

It's good that I can slow down and relax some after crazy months of work, work and work!!! No particular plans for this holiday nor people to spend time with. But, it's sometimes best to have nothing particular to do as it gives you chance to do just whatever you feel like doing.

Well, I believe there will be so many things to do and dreams to fulfill in the coming new year, so I wish every one HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!