Friday, June 10, 2005

Fine Weekend 2

Saturday, June 4, 2005

Gosh, I’m so sleepy! I was okay this morning, but I’m really sleepy now. I hope I won’t have to teach at Santa Clara this afternoon. Why Pak Win hasn’t come yet? It’s already 9:30 am. How nice it is to be a manager,eh? You can come anytime you want.

Things went pretty slow today. There were so many things to do at the office, but it was nice to have some chat with my colleagues while doing our work. There was a funny story from Carla. She got a ‘ditch’ incident. Hahahaha....the forever clumsy Carla!

It felt like going out somewhere after work, so I asked Carla to go to TP. Good that she was in the same mood, so she took my offer. Since we had short cash this week, we decided to go to TP by bemo. Hehehehe. Carla asked her little brother, Michael, to join us.

As always, Excelso was the hang-out place we chose today. The main consideration is always because I’ve got a member card, so we get 10% discount. Cool! At least we don’t have to pay the 10% tax as it’s covered by the 10% disc.

After reading every description of the coffee listed on the menu, I finally chose Frappio Mocca. For the snack, Carla and I chose Triple-decker sandwich. Michael didn’t say much as he agreed with whatever snack we ordered.

We both talked a lot about work, our fun time at desperado, the "gelandangan" guy, our life, our friends, and else. I yawned once in a while during our talk as only got 4 hours sleep the night before.

Sogo was our next destination. We both saw a counter offering 30% discount for some nice hats. I was interested in the colours and the pattern, so I tried some on. Carla seemed to like the blue-green stripped one. After trying on almost all the hats, I finally made a choice on the ivory & brown one. Cool ! I like my new hat. I can’t wait to wear it on an appropriate occasion.

“Phew” Glad to be home! :) I won’t sleep late tonight as I didn’t get enough sleep last night. Ah yeah, it’s time to brush my teeth and wash my face.

*yawn yawn yawn*

Good Nite!

Sunday, June 05, 2005

Fine Weekend 1

Fun Night

Friday, June 3, 2005

Wow!! It's already 3 a.m.! Am I gonna live tomorrow? I've gotta be at the office by 8 a.m. I wish I had a 5-day kind of job. But, it's okay. I had a great time tonight ^__^ So, I don't mind sleeping only for 3 or 4 hours.

So, there we were, Carla and I, at Desperado - Shangrilla Hotel, our favourite club. Too bad Arif couldn't join us while he was actually the one who asked me if I wanted to go to Despe with him last Friday. It could have been more fun if he had been there. The dance floor could have been ours. Hehehehe....

The Canadian band was good, though I was more impressed with their performance on our last visit, which was 2 months ago. They are young and energetic, with beautiful voices of course. They could even sing Indonesian songs with good pronunciation, though it seems to me that Rosa's and Peter Pan's songs are the only ones they master well :)

The place was pretty crowded, not as crowded as Hugo's of course, which was just a perfect place for me. Another good thing was, there were more young people coming instead of the middle-aged ones nor the old ones. Yaayy! :P

So, we chose the seats on the right wing, close to the stage and bar. The waiter directly asked for our order as he saw us sitting, coke for me and beer for Carla. Since I didn't bring enough cash, I paid it with a master-card. I was surprised to see the price of my coke when I got the receipt. Gosh!! The coke is Rp 33,000. The last time I went there, it was still Rp 23,000. So, it's just WOW!! But okay, I shouldn't make a fuss on it. I should have thought of it as things have been getting more expensive ever since the government announced the gas-rate rise.

"Aarrgghh" Too bad there was nobody to watch our bags while we're dancing. Carla brought her black work-bag and I was with my white plastic bag. It was kinda disgusting to bring a medium-size plastic bag to a club, but I brought it anyway, for it was the only thing I could grab to put the score-sheet that Carla asked me to bring.

Since we were a bit worried to just leave Carla's bag on her chair, we didn't dance for the first 30 minutes, but then I suggested her to give her credit cards to me so that I could put them in my pants' pocket. I just couldn't hold the temptation to dance ^__+

So, when we heard our favourite song being sung, we directly went to the dance floor. It felt great to dance again. I enjoyed it a lot. I guess Carla did too, especially when there was this young man with slim figure with a bit sloppy style danced beside us. He even cut in the middle and just danced between Carla and me. Hahahaha.... "gelandangan" guy! He blocked my sight. As we danced more and more, he seemed to make a closer move to Carla. So, I took it as a sign and just let him dance with Carla, though he actually danced with some other girls too as I noticed.

When it was break time for the band, we got back to our seats and just listened to the music played by the DJ. We gossiped about the "gelandangan" guy and a good-looking guy in fashionable black outfit talking with his friends near the bar.

"He reminds me of Marijn a bit. Don't you think he's sloppy but cool? " asked Carla.

"Well, his outfit is not really convincing, but yes, I think he looks cool," I said.

"Do you think he's gay? I noticed that gay in white tried to get closer to him for a couple of times," Carla said.

"Maybe, I'm not sure," I answered.

It's somehow fun to analyze the people that we consider attractive. The fashionable guy is one example. Hehehehe..... Carla created a sort of little background story of him and the old men talking to him. He could be an heir of a millionaire who came to Surabaya for a business and happened to know this club from one of his clients or else. How creative our imagination was that we even matched the "gelandangan" with this business-like guy, that he was his little brother who wasn't as lucky as his big brother to be the heir of their rich and powerful family. Hahahahaha....we both laughed a lot then.

We did dance a lot tonight. How great !!! It felt like ages since we last danced. I was actually hoping to dance a bit when we hanged out at one of the bars in Gili Trawangan, but it was just too bad that most of the bars there didn't play danceable songs. Well, I could have danced some if I had stayed there longer to join the full-moon party. However, I heard from Carla that even at the party, they didn't play the kinds of song that we like. So, I don't regret it that much anymore for not lengthening my stay.

Another special thing to enjoy was this group of French male. One of them, a short guy with average weight was really good at break-dance. He did a kind of break-dance show when the band was singing a song that he seemed to like much. So, almost everyone at the club watched him dancing. Everyone, including me, gave him an applause once he's done with his dance show.

Once in a while we stopped for a drink or just to stand or listen to the music. dance! till my toes hurt! hehehehe....

As the night grew old, there were fewer people inside. We stood by the long half-round narrow table near the main bar and listened to the DJ. We still danced some when we heard a nice song being played. Since there were only a few people left, we felt like the dance floor was ours :) We moved here and there, did whatever we liked. I then heard some whistling sounds behind us while we were dancing. When I stopped dancing and just stood near the long table, the "breaker" French guy walked passed me, I thought he was walking to the bar, but he stopped right in front of me and gave me a big smile. Hahahaha....I wasn't expecting anything like that, so I just thought it was funny. I smiled back at him.

Since it was already 3:30 am, I told Carla that it's time to go home. I had to work at 8. Before taking the elevator, we sat on two big chairs near the rest-room. I gave Carla the white plastic bag as well as her students' score-sheets. When we were talking, we both saw the 'gelandangan' walking with an older guy (his friend, we supposed) with his dark-skin woman. We thought he would just pass by without saying anything. Instead of just walked away, he said "Goodbye Ladies" and smiled to us. I then told myself that he looked better than I had thought before as I could see his face more clearly.

I glanced a bit at that guy and his friend plus the woman when we were waiting for the taxi we ordered. Well, it was more to fulfill my curiosity than other possible reason I could have had. I had a strong feeling that Carla did the same. When we saw a taxi coming, those 3 people directly headed themselves inside. It was supposed to be ours, but they took it. We thought it was okay though. When the "gelandangan" was about to get inside the taxi, I saw him waving at us. I guess he said something or perhaps gave us a sign, but I wasn't sure as I wasn't wearing my eyeglasses. Whatever sign he gave, I guess it might be for Carla.

We talked a lot about "him" inside the taxi. Carla regretted it much that she didn't ask for his name, gave her number, nor at least talked to him more. Hahahaha...... :D

"I have given you the chance, La. You should have got it when I refused his offer to dance with you two," I said.

"Yea, I know. Darn! I just knew that in fact I'm a shy girl, unlike what I have thought of myself all this time," She replied.

What a night!

Thursday, June 02, 2005

An Answer

Waking up on this warm day
Sitting on this humble bamboo chair
Looking at the morning dew on those tiny leaves
Am I here?
Breathing it in and out....the watery air
Blinking my eyes,
trying to move this blocking mist
off my half-opened eyes
Am I truly here?

My wandering mind freeing herself
Trying to cherish the rarety of moment and chance
Enjoying her private time
Releasing her devils and enemies
Letting them free
as free as herself

What brought me here?
Was it pain of love?
Was it cruelty of heart?
Was it misery of mind?
Was it disappointment of life?
Was it tickle of conscience?
Was it all?
or else?

There's one moment silence
I can hear the spinning wheels
of this brain of mine
Figuring it out
the answer
That's it...
an answer