Monday, December 25, 2006

It's all coming back now
A day of the past
A figure and a heart
A butterfly and a sparkling star

It was blinding
A night of remembrance
Sweet words and smiles
A warm squeeze and a light touch of lips

It was almost unreal
Unsaid feelings and promises
Just a hint
Just a gaze

Holiday! Finally!

Yay! Holiday time! Finally :)

I'm so happy that I finally get here after 3 weeks of stressful days. 
I'm just glad that I managed to get through the hardest time of the year. 
It's time to pamper myself and just do whatever I feel like to. These 9 days aren't gonna be spent in Bali like what I have planned,
but I'm gonna enjoy every minute of it. 

Home sweet home! That's what my holiday time gonna be. Carla is now home for Christmas and Jun is in town, too. So, I think I'll hang out with them sometime this week. I don't know what I'll do on New Year's eve as I haven't got any plans for it. I may end up staying home.... just watching TV, dining out with my 2 best friends, or getting together with my relatives to have a little New Year's celebration.

It's sad that i don't have my most important communication device, which is my beloved old cell-phone. It's been a week I haven't been able to contact anybody nor be contacted. I'm lost. All the important numbers are saved there. I should have written all those numbers in my organizer instead of 
depending too much on a cell-phone :(  Stupid thing, eh?

Well, I wish everybody a wonderful holiday time. HAPPY HOLIDAY!