Sunday, November 12, 2006

90 %

A lot of things have happened at work since the last time I blogged about the company, the manager, their promises, and my complaints. It's about 7.5 months to go to July 2nd, the day of my freedom. I'm counting days now.

I've told everybody at work, except my manager, about my leaving. I plan to tell him 3 months before the 'd' day as what the procedure requires. It's been a lot of stress and I can't work at a place that talks about quality much but do less to keep it. I do care about education and my students. It's been almost 4 years that I have this attached feeling, which means something for me. It was not money that I had on my top list when I accepted this job. Well, it is damn important but isn't everything. I was happy and proud that I'm part of the team, which really cares about good quality education. I could proudly talk about the program and else when people asked me about MLT, the institution I've been working for these 3.5 years. But now, I really can't do so as I don't feel the same anymore.

Some people that I know, minus my best friends, told me that it's stupid to give up the position I have now plus the promotion I'll get next year. In fact, I don't care about position nor promotion!

Well, despite all inconsistencies and else I've been complaining about, I still have to thank them for everything I've learnt these 3.5 years. I'll always remember all the fun and good things I had with everybody at work. But that's it! It's 90%.

I'm leaving :)