Friday, December 23, 2005


I believe in life
He believes in himself
You believe in the universe
Why she doesn't?

They believe rains will clear up
He believes tomorrow will be better
You believe loneliness isn't forever
Why she doesn't?

He believes in hopes
You believe in chances
They believe in miracles
Why she doesn't?

I believe time will heal
They believe pain will fade away
He believes love will come in his way
Why she doesn't?

Wednesday, December 14, 2005

I remember...

just a memory of the past

I remember back then
when full moon was shining
when tiny stars were sparkling
right above me

I remember back then
when you were there
when I was here
staring at each other
through a purple glass

I remember back then
when dreams were in the air
when heartbeats were inevitable
when thoughts were simple

I remember back then
when feelings were intense
when touches felt like real
simply comforting

I remember back then
when words were almost enough
when a blow of kiss was almost blinding
when a whisper heated all senses
when promises were almost true

Back then…
just before anger took over
calmness slipped away
patience reached an edge
pains gripped the heart
just before….
I sent you away

Wednesday, December 07, 2005


that's what she needs
to be left alone
no supreme expectations
less request and pressure

Staying inside her thoughts
dreams and hopes
no shadows of yesterday
nor future
Only peace for her very own-self

A slow-down
that's what she wants
a rest of mind and soul
in her own world
yet still realizing the noise around
the pain and excitement

Just some time
Just herself