Friday, December 23, 2005


I believe in life
He believes in himself
You believe in the universe
Why she doesn't?

They believe rains will clear up
He believes tomorrow will be better
You believe loneliness isn't forever
Why she doesn't?

He believes in hopes
You believe in chances
They believe in miracles
Why she doesn't?

I believe time will heal
They believe pain will fade away
He believes love will come in his way
Why she doesn't?


Antonio said...

No matter what others believe nothing will mean anything until one meets the love of one's life.

Whoami said...

HI Rinaku,

Just to say Hello and Happy New Year! I believe that we are what we believe ourselves to be. We all have our indiviudal beliefs and that's what make us different from each other; that's what also makes the world so challenging.Cheers.