Wednesday, December 07, 2005


that's what she needs
to be left alone
no supreme expectations
less request and pressure

Staying inside her thoughts
dreams and hopes
no shadows of yesterday
nor future
Only peace for her very own-self

A slow-down
that's what she wants
a rest of mind and soul
in her own world
yet still realizing the noise around
the pain and excitement

Just some time
Just herself


eyes of a tragedy said...

hey hun, sorry about the hassle but i changed my address to

take care.

RinAku said...

Hi Sara,

Thanks for letting me know. I've just changed the link to your page with your new address.

Antonio said...

You must be burning out. Given your hectic schedule, long hours, and not enough rest, it's understandable. It's time for a vacation. You're in definite need of a hug from a loved one.

Carla said...

Give it up. *wicked*

RinAku said...

Thanks for leaving another comment, Lee :) Ya, it's just time for vacation. I wish I could go somewhere now.

RinAku said...

Well La, I'm giving it July 2007. What a short wait,eh?! Sometimes regret my decision, but that's past. I'll just hang on, try to enjoy, and do my best for the time being.

Whoami said...

Miss your comments Rinaku, take care and I thought you were coming to Singapore in Jan. What happened?