Tuesday, November 29, 2005

One Night

Blinking her eyes
getting rid of this blocking fog
dark, white, and grey
so thick and heavy

everywhere and all over
she can't stand the heat
the pain of the light
hurting her bare skin

pounding and racing rapidly
so ultimately
leave her voluptuous-self breathless

Her beautiful mind frozen
caught for a moment
trapped in a nowhere
found herself staring here
there and everywhere

Staring at her pathetic gorgeous soul
in a glass of shadow
in dusky light
questioning herself
...the figure mirrored
wondering about now,
then and tomorrow
doubting her, him, you, and them

this night,
Just one night.


Antonio said...

Profound and eloquent. You have a way with words.

Is it about your last relationship and the pain inflicted from it? Are you wanting less complexity in life? Instead longing for simplicity?

I think you need a hug.

RinAku said...

Thank you :)

Hmm...it's actually about nothing really personal. Maybe I was just much into the story I had read. And I felt like writing it last night, so that's what came out. Or maybe somehow, a part of it, reflected an old story of mine.

^__^ Well, who doesn't love hugs? I certainly do.

Carla said...

nice one.

RinAku said...

Thanks :)

eyes of a tragedy said...

thank you for your nice comment and your words of encouragment.

i hope you are doing well and this poem is beautiful i must say!

take care

RinAku said...

You're most welcome, Sara :) I'm doing just fine, thanks. And thanks for dropping by and commenting ^_+