Sunday, November 06, 2005

Time like this...

Inspired by Jack Johnson

At a time like this
when life is slowing down
when devils are taking a break
from their basic chores
when her complicated-self ...
is winding down
resting her mind,
weary soul,
and crampy legs

Forget those cruelties around
Leave the same old-brand new pain
there...far away
Ignore doubts
and uncertainty
And just be selfish
Be simple

It's just great
that great!


Carla said...

be selfish, be simple..
i should remind you to be one, my friend.

Whoami said...

I like this poem for its simplicity and that it tells the truth about how to live well - slow down, be selfish, leave cruelties behind and the nice assurance that devils are also taking a break...

Great to see you writing again and thanks for commenting on China post.


RinAku said...

Ya, just remind me ^_+ I'm tired to be unselfish most of the time.

Thank You :) Just don't feel like being complicated lately. I'll keep writing and keep reading yours. Really envy you, for your trip, hehehe. I've checked the pictures you posted. Such a nice place!