Saturday, November 12, 2005


Work has been the same, though things aren't back to normal super hectic and stressing days. Perhaps the scent of 'lebaran' is still lingering. I miss those 7 lazying days. I always love holidays. Well, who doesn't? ^_+ It's time to slow down from routine things, to eat ( :p that's why I've gained 2 kgs), to relax, to read books, to watch vcds, to date ( too bad I didn't have anyone to date last holiday :( ) , to sleep, and to do whatever fun things that make me happy.

Life has been harder and harder each day. I'm not sure anymore....what kind of future I'm holding in this crazy world. I still have faith in many things, though. It's scarry to see how things are getting more and more expensive while salaries are not going any higher (not including those people who call themselves 'wakil rakyat-people's representative)'. Crimes are everywhere. Someone may get angry easily and kill others because of a very simple and stupid reason. There are more people around me who only think of working on their own profit and be happy over others' misfortunes. I can hardly imagine how someone with a wife and children, who earns only 500,000 IDR (US$ 50) would live. How sad this condition is.

There have been some adjustments I've been doing these past 3 weeks, like no more going here and there by taxi (unless for very urgent things), no more regular shopping, no more buying unimportant fancy things, reducing my weekly 'hang out at excelso' habit, and reducing clubbing nights at desperado with close friends. So in other words, it's about self-control and setting priorities.


I just can't wait for my next trip. It's still about 2 months away. I haven't booked any tickets yet, but have done some online searches and checkings. I hope I can get a good offer in a month :)

and....Jack Johnson is still my favourite. I still can't get rid of him and his music. He's really a good singer!

Another new thing is I've just had my computer cleaned and reinstalled. No more spywares, errors, and viruses. I just can't understand why those people create viruses and ruin things. Bah! So glad that opening files is fast and easy now. What a relief! I should thank Valens for helping me ( well, it's not free, but I hope he won't charge me that much, hehehe :p ).



Whoami said...

Every next minute is uncertain and therefore the present one is really precious. But we must move on in life as time does not stand still. So what is important is how we move. I say we move the way that suits us - fast, slow or not move at all. I want to celebrate each moment, each second and really thank God if it is a good moment and if it is a bad one, I jump to the future. Life can be happy without so many material goods that clutter up our lives - keep those that are essential (computers) and give away or recycle things that have been gathering dust for years in your possession. Good to see a new post on your blog, keep writing. Cheers!

RinAku said...

Well ya, everything you said is right. There's no certainty or guarantee in life. Just wanted to express what I have witnessed around me. No matter how this world is going, I'll always keep all my dreams and hopes alive.

Ya, I always agree that life can be happy without so many material goods.

Right! That's what I've been doing lately, giving away & recycling things that have been gathering dust for years. I remember reading your old post about throwing away old things.

Thanks :)


Carla said...

Ha! No more Excelso's... but we still ate at Dome last week, hun. They're at the same level, I think. :P