Friday, November 25, 2005

Stressed, Depressed, Happy, and Everything

November, it's one of the busiest months at work. There is always so much work to do...and of course, dead lines to deal with. Phew! So, whenever november comes, I can't help but feeling stressed and depressed.

It's just funny to see that everyone at the office has been grumbling about how much workload they have. It's our 3rd year working at MLT. We still have another 1.5 years to put up with all the attributes of the institution. I just can't wait till the contract is over. I've made up my mind not to stay with them after July 2007. And it seems that some of the senior full-time employees have the same idea. I don't care about promotion and else that they have offered me. So, that's it!

Things at school are more or less the same. Some students are showing a good progress, while some others aren't. My students at VIIc-class have driven me nuts. I've been feeling like teaching a group of jungle creatures. They are just.....phew! I can't even describe them in words. But, I love them anyway :)

At the senior high school, we have had listening session this past week. Most of the students seemed to like the song much. Even the teachers are in love with it that whenever we hang out during break time, we always sing it. It might just like another love song that people listen to every day. However, I like the words. It's not even a popular song that you hear on the radio. I didn't even know about the singer, Darlene Zschech, not until Ms. Nina, one of my best work-mates, told me about her and promoted this song Everything about You.

I've got some new friends and have been talking to them quite often lately. It's just nice to meet new people, see different angles, and talk about so many things from different point of view. It's simply a good thing to socialize with people who click.

Anyway, I really can't wait for the upcoming holiday!!! I just wanna sleep, sleep, sleep (again :p hehehe), play games, read books, and do fun and relaxing things ^__+


Whoami said...

It's good to have a holiday to look forward to. Meanwhile good to know that you are coping with all the stress. Just take care of your health no matter what comes along and thanks for listing me on your blog, terima kasih Rinaku ;-) and have a good weekend! Cheers!

RinAku said...

Ya, it is! Thanks! I'm trying my best to cope with everything. And ya, I is super important. "Xie Xie" for reminding me about it :) Anyway, terima kasih kembali. I like your blog a lot, so it's my pleasure to put your link on my page. Thanks for listing me in yours too.

Antonio said...

Weekends and holidays were the prime objective during the week, especially on Mondays. But, not when one is alone in a house that once were noisy with children. Now, I look forward to days off for entirely different reasons.