Tuesday, October 25, 2011

1.5 years of motherhood

It's been such a long time since I last blogged that sometimes I forget that I actually do have a blog. Anyways, what a life it has been. It is just unpredictable. Some things are just even better than what I once thought while some others are more complicated. Still, I'm grateful that I can go through my every-day life as a working mother and a wife.

So, has it really been 1.5 years? Sometimes I feel that it was just yesterday when I delivered my super active little Maxi in that small hospital. Being a working mother is really a lot of work. There were some considerations before I finally signed myself in Embassy-my present work place, while keeping my private teaching job. On one hand, I didn't want to lose any moments of maxi's little actions. On the other hand, despite the need to get new challenges, I had to support the family financially.

Well, talking about motherhood, I am now used to having unsound sleep and backaches (hope it's not because I'm getting older :p) and taking anemia supplements every now and then, especially when I feel dizzy due to sleepless nights. Now I know why the word 'sacrifice' would best describe a mother.

Spending some time with maxi every morning before I leave for Embassy or private teaching is just priceless and irreplaceable. It's amazing to witness every single progress and growth of a baby. I do not have the time to read my fav novels anymore as by the time maxi is asleep, I have house chores to do or I am too tired and sleepy to even read the first few lines of the first page. Still, I will never replace my quality time with maxi with anything, even it's a week self-indulging trip to the best holiday spot :)

Well, what can I say? Maxi is now my world! [well, it doesn't mean that you're not part of my world too, hubby baby :)]


Carla Ardian said...

Yes, you're getting older! :)

It's true what they say that when a baby is born, the mother's heart is (almost) completely occupied with the baby. Everything else is number two. I guess that's why we're delaying to have a baby. There is still a big baby to grow up first.

Hope the three of you are healthy and happy. That's what it matters.

RinAku said...

We both are getting older :)

Well, believe it or not, even Win sometimes act as a big baby :D It's not easy to share attention and other things to both the little baby and the big baby. I don't think the big babies will ever grow up no matter how old they are. Hahaha.... Don't you agree?

Thanks. Yes, health and happiness are what matter.

Will look forward to the real baby of yours and Vincent's (no matter when....)! :-)