Thursday, April 11, 2013

Another b'day

Well, it's my b'day today. Some people probably would have some kind of celebration with their beloved ones. Too bad, I don't. My son is at my mom's place as it's still weekday, while I have to work normally. Well, I sometimes feel that the price of welfare is too pricey.

However, something really touched me this morning. When my mom called to wish me happy b'day, she put my son on the cell-phone speaker. He said, " Is it your b'day, mom? Happy b'day, mom. Wish you health, fortune, and wisdom." Well, I know he was just repeating my aunt's words in the background, but hearing those words coming out of a 3-year old boy was really something. I couldn't
hold my tears. Even my hubby didn't tell me those things. I know deep in his heart he always wishes me all the best things, though.

Today, I'm reviewing everything that has happened in my life. Despite all the hardships and complications, I am grateful that God always gives me the strength to go through any life's obstacles. I am truly thankful for everything.

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