Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Silly Me

I see an image
far away
I hear a laugh
so close and familiar

I feel a warmth
Here...deep down
I see tears my very own eyes

I see it...there
standing quietly
waving slowly
smiling brightly
laughing cheerfully

I walk towards
I move closer
trying to touch its tempting figure
trying to breathe its heavenly incense
trying to feel its great taste
trying to kiss its salty sweat

I run and run
I'm getting closer
This is it
It's right before my eyes
I can see it

Let me touch
Let me kiss
Let me taste
Let me feel

It tastes like fog
feels like ashes
smells like dust
It melts away...
at the very moment of my touch

is this real
is it just fake
Silly me
it has been all fake

I want it real
I want it true
I want it live
I want it all


Will it ever be true
Will it ever be real
I'm not sure anymore

I'm holding on
but I'm losing hope
I'm keeping up
but I'm feeling sour

I don't know where it leads
I just don't know
I can't tell
I hate it
but I'm keeping it

Silly Me.


Carla said...

Be patient and wait... or
get the real one somewhere else..

It's a matter of decision. Your decision.

RinAku said...

I know....the choice is on me. The thing is I don't know what decision to take, at least not for the time being. There's been so much in my mind. However, I know, sooner or later I've gotta made up my mind.

Sou said...


I'm glad you had a super day!! My 19th birtday is in 79days! Time goes by sooo quick! Feels like only yesterday i was 15 and counting down the hundreds of days ahead of me till i turned 18! ;p

I like your new picture, it's super cool! :D

Ta ta babe :*

RinAku said...

Thank You *~$&!~* !

Right! Time flies by. Still feels like 19 :p hehehe...

Thanks. Glad that you like my new pic.