Tuesday, April 26, 2005


Everything has been said
A big rock has been lifted
and thrown away
Those sharp,
small stones
have been moved
to another spot
The old pains
have been released
...a little
The aches are leaving
...a bit
The thick white fog
is clearing up

here we are
facing each other's image
looking through
a transparent glass
gazing at each other's eyes
you before me
watching every detail
of each other's face

there's a pinch of relief
there's a lighter feeling
the numb somehow stays
the hole is still opened
the doubt is still there

no one moves
nobody talks
no words
no acts
not even a sound of breath
Darn silence
I loathe you
leave me!
Someone's gotta
write something
use that old black pen

no more writing
say something!
reach the old-new spontaneous thing
break it
The silence



Telescopic_viewpoint said...

Gracias, RinAku.

I like your newest poem. Although it is bold and perhaps rashly considered, it is fresh, like an open wound and daring. Precise and demanding. I enjoy the first half the most, but respect the second half, as I, too, have been prone to ill-advised writings and "No!" threats from my stronger conscience.

Whoami said...

Wow! So intense, what else can I say? I like the commanding tone and for once in a long, long time I hear something so decisive that it is really so refreshing for me. Cheers!

RinAku said...

Thanks "telescopic_viewpoint".

This poem is a relection of the feelings and thoughts going on in my mind. Everything was still fresh. That's why it sounds bold and rashly considered to you. I just had to express it all.

Thank You "aquarius" :)

You're right. It's intense. So many things going on in mind. I wasn't sure of what to do and what to expect, but suddenly felt like I just had to do something. That's where the commanding tone came from.

Sou said...

I agree with Aquarius, it is "intense"

I enjoyed the poem before this one *sigh*

You've got an amazing talent Rin (i'm not just saying that, trust me!)

Can't wait to read more!! I'm hooked! :D

Carla said...

It's just a hollowness
That you might feel

It's just a nothingness
That surrounds you

It's just a deep loneliness
That attacks you

Everybody has been there
And they survived
So you will

Tabah, tabah..

RinAku said...

Thanks "La!"

I know. Aku bakal survive. Pasti! Kita berdua ini kan tipe survivor :)

Aku selalu tabah, kok ^__+

You know.

Hi *~$&!~* !

Thanks for visiting my blog again. Thank you for the compliment, too :)