Friday, April 22, 2005

I Love Holiday!

* stretch *

* yawn yawn *

* stretch stretch *

What a great feeling! Waking up in a nice bright morning and breathe the fresh air.

-taking a deep breath-

Looking trough my window, I can see the green grass in the garden. I could almost see the morning dew on the tip of those small greenish leaves.

Aah.....^__^ How I love holiday! Yaay! No rushing, no going around the room to prepare this and that, no moving from one place to another under the recent extreme heat, and no leaving early and going back late in the evening. So happy!

*big smile*

Today, I just wanna relax and enjoy the day. Lazying some will be great too, so I think I’ll do that. Ah yea, I may need to clean up my messy room and put everything back on its place. My poor room! Sorry for neglecting you lately :p.

Hmmm....maybe going out to a book store is also a great idea. Who knows I’ll find new novels or comic books to buy. Great! I’ll have some reading to accompany me today J. This afternoon may be a good time to head out.

I don’t wanna think much about the things bothering my mind these past few days. No heart ache, no frowns, no long face, and no tears. I just wanna be happy, feel free, and be my self! Yeah!


Ah ya, I’m going out to a club out here tonight with my friends. It’s gonna be great! We’re gonna meet, talk, enjoy the music, dance some, and have fun together. Yaaaay!!!

How I love holiday!

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