Saturday, April 16, 2005

On A Night Like This.....

On a night like this...
When my head aches
I wish a hand caressed me
Ahh, how great it would be

On a night like this...
When my heart's blue
I wish the rainbow sprinkled me
Ahh, how bright it would be

On a night like this...
When my mind loses way
I wish a heavy voice whispered on my ears
Ahh, how soothing it would be

On a night like this...
When my conscience fades away
I wish a strong arm held me tight
Ahh, how comfey it would be

On a night like this...
When a foggy shadow blocks my sight
I wish a dim light led me
Ahh, how relieving it would be

On a night like this...
When a dark soul takes over my mind
I wish deep loving eyes gazed on me
Ahh, how wonderful it would be

On a night like this...
When an evil dream haunts me
I wish a hearty kiss sealed me
Ahh, how incredible it would be

On a night like this...

On a night like this...........


Carla said...

so lonely..

:P hehe..

RinAku said...

Ya,just feeling mellow and lonely. So, that's what came out.


Telescopic_viewpoint said...

Hey, thanks for the wicked awesome comment on my blog. I love when people comment...And so, I came to check out your blog, and I found it very neat, if you don't mind me saying so. You seem like you are out travelling places...Or are at least venturing the world somewhere. It seems like mucho fantastico fun times. Oh wow, I am such a literary genius...*sigh* Oh, I almost forgot! And Happy Birthday to you as well!

Whoami said...

I really, really like this poem. After a hard day's work, reading your poem transported me to another realm of life - the imaginative, the artistic and for the duration that I was reading the poem, I just forgot what a tough day I had. I wish, I wish I could have the inspiration or the way with words that you have, so that I could also give myself such a treat. Cheers!

RinAku said...

Hi Telescopic_viewpoint! Thanks for visiting my blog and for your comment too. Seems like we both have the same zodiac, eh? ^___^

Oh ya? Do you think my blog is neat? I never mean it to be so. Maybe that's my style. I don't know. I just express everything I have in my mind and heart. Thanks.

:) Well, I do like travelling. I do want to travel more, but work has always been my prob that keep me from doing it much. However, I always plan to go travelling somewhere at least once a year.

Thanks for the b'day wish.

Hi Aquarius!
Oh yea? You like this poem? Wow!Thank You! It's just a short simple one. Hmmm...I think you sure have the ability to express yourself into poems. I always admire your posts. You do have a great talent in writing. I like how you express everything in words. I think it only takes a particular moment and feeling..then there, you will see that you've already given yourself a treat.


Telescopic_viewpoint said...

Oh, hurray for bookmarking! I bookmarked yours, as well. It is very thought provoking.
Hmm, seems like a few of you are friends all up in here. Very intriguing. I am also very lucky to have such wonderful commentors reading my blog. Like candles that emit light wherever they go.
Keep writing, whatever you do in life, always write. It may not just help you, but the people around you, like a mirror, reflecting light.