Monday, April 11, 2005

Birthday :)

Finally, it's my birthday! ^__^

I started my day by waking up late :P I actually wanted to wake up early just to enjoy my early morning and think about things I've done the past 12 months. But since I got home late from a b'day dinner last night, around 11 pm, and went beddy around 12 am, I woke up late.

I was shocked when I saw my watch. It's 5:30 am already. I had to leave for work at 6 am, so it left me only 30 minutes to shower, to get dressed, and to prepare things. Phew! What a rush!

When I was running around to prepare some stuffs, I heard my cell-phone ringing for 5 or 6 times, showing that there were some sms in my inbox, but I just ignored them as I didn't have time to check. So, off I went to the place where the office driver usually picks me up. Not long after getting in the car, I checked all the sms I got. I was really happy as I read all of them, for they were all from my friends. They wished me a happy birthday. It was a great feeling to know that my friends cared to bother themselves to send me a b'day wish early in the morning.

I felt even better when my students in class X-2 at St. Carolus Junior High School wished me a happy b'day. They all shook my hands. I gave them a big smile as I said "Thank You. Thank You. Thank You".

A birthday wish.
Very simple, but it does mean a lot.
It's good just to know that the people around you remember your birthday.
Thank you, friends!

Things went pretty well today, though I had a problem with my stomach. I'm not sure what's wrong, but I've felt the pain since morning. Maybe it's because of my period time. I've never had this kind of pain before, though.

Ah ya, I got a present from one of my colleagues, Ms. Ria. Well, we're not really close to each other, but it was great to know that she knew my b'day while in fact I never told her about it. Maybe she got the info from my other colleague. So, I got this two-piece yellow pajamas with cute bears pictures everywhere. I like it a lot. Thank You, Ms. Ria. I love you :) hehehe....

Hmmm....who doesn't like gifts? especially birthday gifts :) I always feel happy whenever I get one. Gifts are great! It's never about the value that makes it special. It's more on the sincerity of giving something to someone you care about. However, a wish is worth even more.

So now, I'm thinking about myself. Am I a better person person? Have I done good things this past year? Have I been a good daughter? Have I made my mother happy these past 12 months? Have I been a good sister? Have I succeeded in reaching the things I have always dreamt of?

Well, there are so many questions I have in mind, but I'm not sure I can provide good answers.

Hmm....I can't say that I'm a better 'me' now. I've made so many mistakes. I've neglected some important things that I used to care about. But if I look back and see myself back then, I think I've achieved a few good things in my personal life and carreer. Thus, somehow, I guess I'm a bit better "myself" now. I wish.

I regret all the failures and mistakes that I've made, but life is about moving forward. So, I'll just leave all the bad things behind. Starting from today, I really want to do my best for myself and the people I love so much. I'll still try hard to make my dreams come true. However, I won't make it too hard on me. I just wanna enjoy my life :)

I hope I can give my mother more attention and make her happy. She's really a great mother. She's not perfect at all, but that's why I lover her so much. I love you, Mom !

It's been a hard year for my family. I haven't been that patient, especially when it concerns my sister. So, I hope I can be a better big sister for her. You've made me angry and hurt so many times sis, but I love You !

And dear brother, we haven't been as close as in our old times this past year, so I don't really know what has been going on in your life, but I do wish for your success. You've been a harder person these past few years, but I still love you !

Last but not least, thanks God for so many blessings I've got this past year. I'm really grateful. Really really grateful ! How lucky I am ! :)

What a birthday!


Whoami said...

Wishing you a very happy birthday RinAku! I sent you a card through your email. Hope you like it! Cheers!

RinAku said...

Thank You..Thank You...Thank You, Aquarius! ^__^ I shall check my e-mail to see you card. I'm sure I'll like it.
Thank You :)

Carla said...

yay.. that reminds me that i still owe you a birthday present. hehehe.. but i can see your avatar changed. :D what a good picture! awesome! cool idea! the photographer must be sooooo skillful and creative. :D

RinAku said...

*wink* *wink* *wink*
Yay, a birthday present! I love presents! hehehe...

Yeap, I've finally changed it and like the result.

Hahahaha...yeah, and which photographer is that? I do like the picture anyway :) I love my feet :D

PitPit said...

Rinaaa... hepi birthday yaa! Wah, udah telat banget ya?! Sori deh, abisnya gak ngerti :p Tapi better late than never yah! Wishing you the best of luck deh! ;D Keep rockin', gurl!

RinAku said...

Hi Vit!

Thank You ! Kok tau aku bis ultah? dari shierly ya? Gak telat banget kok, baru tanggal 11 april barusan.

Thanks for the wishes!

C ya on our upcoming clubbing night! hehehehe....