Saturday, March 26, 2005

Back to Desperado

Finally, back to Desperado again! :-)

It's my favourite club in Surabaya. Well, the place isn't big, but it's cozy enough and not super crowded. I hate a super duper crowded place, for there usually is no space for dancing and no enough air to breathe. Another thing I like about this club is they've got some comfey sofa to sit on. Whenever my friends and I go there, we mostly choose the sofa, which is placed on the left side of the room. I kinda like the setting of chairs, tables, bar, the stage, and the interior there. It always feels good to sit back and watch the band playing some of my favourite songs.

It's been a long time since I last went out for clubbing, which was on New Year's eve in Bali. I've been very tied to work that I don't feel like going out to any club out here. So, it's a great feeling to go back there again tonight, though there were only my best friend, Carla, and me going. It reminds me of our old times .

Clubbing is one of my favourite activities to release stress. Well, I don't do it often as don't claim myself as a big clubber. I like doing it and usually enjoy it much each time I go to any club out here, but I don't do it frequently. It's like only once in a month or sometimes once in 2 months. Two biggest parts of clubbing I so much enjoy are the live performance of the band, especially if the band is really good, and the chance to dance as much as I want to.

Tonight was different with my previous clubbing nights. I didn't dance at all (first time ever), while in fact I do love dancing. Carla and I just sat on our high chairs, drank, had some chat, and enjoyed the music. Anyway, we both ordered the same drink, a glass of gin tonic. The band performing this month is called "Scarlip", a Canadian band. The lead vocalists, a male and a female, have good voice and nice performance on stage. They are playing till March 26th, that means till next Saturday.

Well, actually, I wanted to dance a little, but Carla didn't feel like to. So, I just forgot the idea of going to the dance floor and moved my body following the songs being played. I didn't feel like dancing alone, though Carla oferred me to just go and dance if I really wanted to. She said that perhaps I would get a dance partner as there were some guys dancing on the dance floor, but I wasn't in the mood of dancing with any guy. Thus, I decided to stay at my seat and just enjoyed the music while having a chat with Carla about her new cool spontaneous "indo" (Dutch+Indonesian) guy. She was really excited in telling me about how things have been more intense between them. I'm happy for her. It's just too bad that I couldn't share her the same excitement from my love story.

While were having a nice chat, one of the waiters came over our table to ask if we had any song request. At first we just looked at each other, waiting till one of us came up with an idea. My mind was blank. So, I just let Carla think and she finally came up with "Destiny's Child". She asked me the tittle of DC's new song, but I failed to remember it. I tried to think hard while knocking at my finger-nails on the table. I finally got it. It's "Lose My Breath". A very nice song that makes you shake your booty :). Then, Carla added another song from U2, "Kingstown" or something, I'm not sure. As the waiter hold the request card in his hand, he directly walked towards the stage and handed it to the male vocalist instead of moving to the other tables.

Soon after the blond vocalist read our request, he smiled a little, and then had a few words with the other vocalist. I didn't know what they were talking about, but both of them laughed not lond after their little chat. Carla and I smiled as we saw them preparing themselves. We giggled as we made a bet. We both were almost sure that they would skip the "lose my breath" and only sing U2's song. In fact we both were wrong !

Okay, we've got a request from Carla and Rina. So, this is your song....

Hahahahahaha.....they sang it. Lose my Breath. Hahahaha.....we couldn't hold our laugh. Cool !
They did sing our request. I can say that they sang it pretty well. I smiled as I saw them singing the song. Their stage performance was good too, I mean their stage dance, especially the male vocalist. He's really energetic. They made it to make some people move their hips and shake some booties on the dance floor.

As the night went old, more people got out of the club and left only some staying inside, including both of us, to wait until the band sang their last song and I finished my drink. At around 1 a.m. we decided to move to a spot near the dance floor... just to get clearer view of the band members and the people dancing in front of us.

And there was this sexy woman in sexy white outfit dancing right in front of us. I can't say that she's beautiful, but I like her hair style. A cool hairstyle. I'm not really sure, but I think she's one of the hookers who usually hang out at Desperados. She was pretty drunk, but she was still be able to control herself. Carla and I talked about her cool hairstyle and how her sexy clothes really fit her. I told Carla that she's cool and didn't look that 'cheap', at least not as cheap as the other hookers there.

It was around 1: 45 a.m. My glass was already empty. We decided to go home then. And now, here I am, in my room, blogging about how great it is to be back to Desperados again.

Okay, it's time for beddy. Gouda Nite and "Ciao"! ^__^


Carla said...

Hehe.. The hangout was alright. I was just too tired to dance. You should have!

RinAku said...

Maybe I should have. But, the need and my dance passion wasn't that strong that night, I guess. So, it was okay. I found hanging out a pretty nice thing. Besides, I didn't feel like dancing alone while most of the people dancing were couples. How sad :(
Will we ever go out clubbing with our "guys"?


I guess in your case, it will be pretty soon.

Carla said...

Hohoho.. not that sure yet, girl. But let's see if it's going to happen. I hope so.. but.. let's just see..