Thursday, March 17, 2005


Phew! What a tiring day.

Things went pretty well today, though I yawned many times at the office. Well, in fact it wasn't only me who felt sleepy. I noticed some of my friends at work yawned even more than me. Glad to know that I wasn't alone :-P hehehe...

Despite my sleepiness, I felt a bit relaxed this morning as I didn't have to deal with 4 classes in a row and running here and there, moving from Senior High School to Kindergarten unit, then to Elementary, and finally to Junior High School unit. It's the first day of School's Easter holiday. So happy that I can give my voice a break. :-)

I spent my time at work checking my students' quizzes, a very thick pile of quizzes. *overwhelmed* It has made me crazy to see that thick pile these past few weeks, for I haven't had much time to spare for checking and correcting due to my unbelievable tight schedule. Well, I love the teaching much and do enjoy it, but whenever it comes to those "2C" work.... *aarrrgggghhhh* Checking and correcting the writing quizzes of 11 classes ( 10 are high school) often make me dizzy. I wish I had a machine which did all the "2C" for me. *wink*

While doing my "2C" things, I had a nice chat with my co-workers. We commented on a news we just read in the newspaper, talked about women's stuffs, shared stories about our bad experiences with men and how annoying they could be, and laughed about silly things we did in the past. It's just good to be able to get together again like we used to when our teaching schedule wasn't this crazy.

There are only 7 full-timers including me, all females. My 6 co-workers are really funny, crazy, considerate, nice, and helpful. Well, maybe I'm not describing them my best as there are still more to say, both good and bad, but I like these 6 super women I work with. It's good to find out new side of them each time we get together. It makes us closer each day.

For me, they are one of a few reasons that makes me keep this job after my big love for teaching and my students. Well, the amount of money I get plays an important part, but it's not the biggest thing. The people I work with certainly hold a bigger role in making me stay in the company. Why should working with a bunch of people who can't get along with me and make me stressed, no matter how big my salary is.

So, here are a few lines about my co-workers:
1. They make me laugh when I can't even smile.
2. They drive me home when nobody picks me up at work.
3. They accompany me buying our fav drink at our fav cafe in front of school.

4. They know what to do in difficult situation.
5. They can be loud if they have to.
6. They bother me with unimportant things.
7. They make jokes on some naughty things ^__+
8. They share me their food and drinks when I don't have any. (hehehehe)
9. They are........themselves.

I luv them.


Sou said...

Co-workers keep us going, if you're comfortable with who you work with, then i'm sure it's easier to deal with work!!

Ta ta for now :D

RinAku said...

Hi *~$&!~*, you're so right. My co-workers keep me going. It's really important to be able to get along with them. We do need to socialize, don't we? :-)

And of course, they make things easier to deal with. Well, despite all complaints I've said about the place which I work at, I should say that I kinda like it working there. I've learned so much, priceless things.

I just hope things will get better and they arrange more reasonable schedule for their full-timers, which they have actually admitted that it's their mistake. So, I'll just enjoy what I have now.

Thanks for your comment.

Ta ta ^__+

Whoami said...

It's really true that at work, colleagues can make the difference to the quality of life, much more so than money.

Here are two websites on educational resources that you might like:


RinAku said...

Yes, colleagues really make a difference. Thanks for the websites info. I shall check them.

Carla said...

well.. not all co-workers unfortunately.. am really annoyed by one of my co-workers. :-w

RinAku said...

Which co-worker you are referring to here? the one at your place? or the one at my place?