Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Books & Reading


I love them so much. Well, I believe there are so many people out there who love them as much as I do, or maybe even more. Everyone must have their particular kind of books that they like though. I don't know what others' favourites are, but I surely love novels and comics much. Well, I actually like many kinds of books, including magazines and newspaper. But if someone put a science book, a psychology book, a magazine, and a comic book in front of me and asked me to choose one, I would surely pick the last one without thinking twice.


It's one thing I can't ever live without. I always spend some hours a day for reading. For some people reading is a boring thing to do, but for me it's as important as eating and drinking. I'm not sure when I first liked it, maybe I've loved it since I was in elementary school. When I remember back then, I used to buy so many books, especially story books, with the pocket money I got from my father. The ones that I first fell in love with were H.C. Anderson's stories ( a German author, I guess. I'm not really sure about his nationality). After some years, when I was in grade 5, I started to buy a different kind of book. It was Japanese comic book.

I've fallen in love with it since the first time I laid my eyes on "candy - candy". I was really interested with the drawing on its cover. For me, a 10-year-old girl, the drawing was really good. Well anyway, candy-candy was a series comic book. When it was released for the first time here, I didn't buy any of the series at all, for they were pretty expensive. So, I just borrowed them from my friend. I loved the comic even more after reading the first book. There were 9 all, if I'm not mistaken. Candy, Anthony, and Terry are the main characters I remember the most until now.

Up to now, I still love them a lot. I even have quite a collection of Japanese comic books in my room. What I always admire is the drawing, which is really COOL ! I sometimes wish that the characters I read in those comics were real and I could date one of them. Hehehe....I know it's silly, but it's good to fantasize about it once in a while.

Besides comics, I also have quite a big collection of novels, especially harlequin's. I first read them when I was in my first year in university. I've loved them since then. Anyway, I have actually started to read novels since I was in junior high school. I read Maria A. Sarjono's, Mira W., Marga T., Danielle Steele, Sidney Sheldon, Enid Bylton, and a few others (the first 3 are Indonesian writers). I always borrowed them from the school library. It's like I came there three times a week that the librarian knew me quite well and always told me whenever there was a new book coming out.

Now I have some favourite writers, such as Sandra Brown, Nicholas Spark, and Norah Robert. I think they are really good writers. *bow*

For me reading is really entertaining. It really makes me relax. That's why I don't really like to read a sad ending story. Once I read, I feel like I'm taking part in it. I laugh when it comes to the funny part and cry when it comes to the sad and hurtful part. I can really be into the story, if it's really a good one, that I won't even care about things happening around me. I remember when my grandma was still alive, she was sometimes angry that she had to call me loudly like 3 or 4 times when I was enjoying my reading. My sister is often upset too, for I always ignore her whenever she tries to tell me or ask me something whenever I read my favourite comic books or novels. Hahahahaha..pretty annoying, eh?

Reading has helped me a lot in reducing my stress. If I have to pick between watching movie and reading, I will directly pick reading. Without doubt! There are actually so many things that I can get from reading books, like learning about other countries' culture, different kind of people's characteristics, places around the world, other people's experiences, and many more.

The people around me are often surprised on how much I spend my money on novels and comic books every month. I can stand living without new clothes for 6 months, but without books? It's ridiculous.

One of my biggest dreams is to have my own library at home. It will be great to see all collections of my novels, comic books, teaching books, story books, student's reading books, and other kinds of books that I have on a big glass book-shelf. WoW !!!


Whoami said...

As long as you have a dream, you can do something about it to make it come true. I like this post on books and reading. I thought it would make interesting reading for school kids to get them into a habit of reading especially when you touch on something that has mass appeal for young people - Comics! Nice piece, enjoyed it very much.

RinAku said...

Yeah :) I've got so many dreams and am working on making at least some of them come true. Well, we should live for our dreams, shouldn't we?

And comics... I love'em a lot? Good to know that you used to enjoy it very much ^__+

Sou said...

OMG!! i spend more money than i do on clothes as well!! and sometimes i could go on for months on end without buying new clothes! hehehe...

I love books!

Whoami said...

I know that anime is the kind of comics that is in fashion now. I enjoyed cartoons by a well-known Malaysian cartoonist called LAT and he has published a series of LAT cartoon books and they are really hilarious as he pokes fun at everyone - from the ordinary village folk to politicians.I enjoyed a Japanese feature cartoon called "Spirited Away". It's really good. Even saw a book featuring some of the beautifully drawn pictures from the movie but the book was really expensive. Just as dreams keep us going, humour makes the going joyful some parts of the way :-)

RinAku said...

It's good to know one more person who loves books. I always find books inspiring and enjoyable. Go books! Yeah! ^__+

Right! Homour makes life joyful. It makes you think that there are so many things to laugh about, so we don't get trapped in taking certain things too seriously. Life should be enjoyed no matter how hard it is, right? ^__^