Friday, March 04, 2005


Hold it!
Keep holding!
You can do it! I know you can.
You always can
You've been holding it for long
You just need to hold it for a while more
We can go to our heavenly heaven then
I know!
I'm trying here
Can't you see?
I'm working on it..with my last strength
Try harder!
You said you would always hold it
For the rest of your eternal life
You promised you would
Don't give it up!
I'm begging you
I'm on my knees

I said I'm trying!
Don't you see?
I'm holding it with my tortured small hands
.....................with my painful thin legs
.....................with my bleeding little heart
Hold it
Even just for another while
Don't let it fall
Just don't let it....

I won't let it
I don't want to
My hands are trembling hard
My legs are shaking badly
My heart is bleeding too much
I can't bear it
I can't hold it
I'm getting weaker
I'm all worn out
I'm torn apart
Let me rest
Let them rest
My poor trembling hands
My poor shaking legs
My poor bleeding heart
I'm falling
I'm vanishing
I can't
I just c-a-n-'t


Dreamer said...

O.O ...thats so sad...-_-;;;

Antonio said...

Did you write this poem? You must have been in an awful lot of pain to write such deep hurt into words.