Monday, February 28, 2005

"Bastard" ~ Taking Action

I was extremely angry after hearing such rubbish. I know I was really emotional that I didn't even bother myself to think twice when I dialled his cell number. I was super ready to say everything I had in my head, but it wasn't him who answered. It was aunt sisca. WoW! What a 'pleasant' surprise! I was really disappointed with her as well. I thought she was someone worth respecting. Well, I was truly wrong. Her love for that piece of rubbish had blinded her.

So, I directly got to the point in telling her what had actually happened between him and me and made it clear to her that I was really mad with everything I'd just found out. I thought keeping it all for myself would be the best thing.

She was surprised to hear me talking to her like that, for she knew me as an independent young woman who was nice and sweet. Well, she didn't know me well enough! From most of her answers it was obvious that she tried to defend him as much as she could, but I refused to take it all easy. Asking me to forget everything and just leave all behind?! Gosh! What the hell she was thinking? If it concerned me myself, I might not give a damn, but it concerned my mother. MOM! The one person whom I love much, who has suffered enough in her life. How come she expected me to shut my mouth up knowing everyone behaving nicely in front of me and mom and pretended they knew nothing while in fact they insulted her behind her back. And truly hated the idea of some gossipers, who happened to be my relatives spreading lies about us.

They thought they were dealing with a young innocent woman who could be fooled easily with a few nice comforting words. Ha ha ha!!! Where did they get that idea?

For a few days aunt sisca kept trying to ask me forget the problem, but I insisted to clarify things. I requested to have a meeting, aunt sisca, her niece, him, and myself, together in a room. Finally, after a week, she agreed to do so, but she wanted to have it at her place. So, there we were in her living room. I let her talk first and said whatever she wanted to say. Then I came up with all truths, which some of them were denied by that super jerk. Gosh ! How dare him! Still denying things which obviously were the facts.

I just wanted to test you.
It hurt my ego as a man when you said, " I don't wanna waste my time for men who don't even know what they want in life, who hide behind their manly properties, and who're proud of themselves for being good-looking and having a wealthy family." So, I had kept it all in my mind since then and promised myself that I wanted to make you fall on your knees and beg for my attention.
Luckily I realized that it was a wrong thing to do the test on you. Therefore, I decided to stop it before I really made you fall in love with me, for I noticed that you were going that way.
And the fact that you're sisca's relative made me feel bad doing it.

GOSH!!! What shits were those?

Luckily I could provide convincing facts with 3 witnesses, my sister and my 2 close friends. I told them every single word of his craps as well. Luckily I remember them all. He couldn't say much then. I could even see aunt sisca turned red when she heard those things. Ha ha ha!!! Gotcha!

I told him afterwards, "Wow! What a guy you are, huh! Experimenting your ego-theory on young women. You must have got some satisfaction from it. Cool! Should I admire you for that?!"

"I've got a few questions. What do you get from your test? Pride?"
"Does it always feel good to do such a thing?"

"Well, I thought you were a nice mature guy that I foolishly let myself deceived by your fake behaviour and smiles."
"I thought I was doing a good thing by receiving your calls and listening to your problems."
"Darn! How stupid I was!"
"Luckily I refused all your outing offers.""Luckily I didn't let your fake charms contaminating me deeper."
"I just can't imagine what other lies you would make up!"

"And one thing, whatever kind of men I like and whatever I think about them is none of your business!"

I felt such a great relief that night after making all things clear to everybody. I know that at that very moment I should have regretted it that I ever knew him, but I didn't. In fact, I was truly greatful that I knew such a guy in my life. If I hadn't experienced it, I would have never known that there were guys like him in this world.

I really learnt my lessons.

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Antonio said...

Good job Rina. You KICKED HIS ASS!