Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Woman of the Greatest

To the greatest woman of all who teaches me about life....

Endless patience,
Sincere compassion,
Pure humbleness,
Deep faith,
Strong willingness,
Huge optmism,
White kindness,
Forever love,
Great beliefs,
....are all I see in you.

Your humble arguments show me
that absolute truth isn't my property
Your huge optimism proves me
that misery and pains are not unchangable fate
Your deep faith tells me
that life will finally bring me there, to my colourful land
Your strong willingness teaches me
that rocky hills and big waves are beatable
Your sincere kindness inspires me
that it only takes a silly grin to shine my dark sky

Your endless grumbles speaks to me
that there's a good deed beneath every bugging word
Your rare loudness shouts at me
that a selfish self named ego is not supposed to take control
Your quietness whispers to me
that words sometimes cut like a knife and hurt to the core
Your silly laughs and smiles open me
that things are not as hard as the pictures in my sophisticated mind
Your crazy dance moves talks to me
that being different doesn't make me less human

You're just great
amazing in your imperfection
adorable in your simplicity
astonishing in your illuminated light
gorgeous in your aging cover
just that great

The greatest of the greatest


Whoami said...

What a wonderful dedication to a woman who means so much to you. Rinaku, you really have this wonderful gift for writing especially poetry. Cheers!

RinAku said...

Hi aquarius!

:))) Thanks