Thursday, May 05, 2005

I do have a Life

I crawl on my limp skinny legs
I breathe this poisonous killing air
I walk in this sucking deep swamp
I laugh under this burning eye-hurting sun
I run on this smelly rotten land
I sleep under this damn cold moonlight sheet
I do have a life

I walk and walk
till this earth eats the last thin layer of my worn out shoes,
leave me on my bleeding feet
I stumble and fall,
then walk,
but fall again
I hold on my last strength,
and get on my two shaky knees,
leave me powerless and useless
I run and run,
to get rid of those demons that haunt my mind,
leave me on this deep sleepy hollow
I do have a life

I stay awake,
keep my droopy narrow eyes half-opened
simply to see the stars mocking me
I think and think,
keep my weary mind alive
only to see my fading conscience surrender to my dark soul
I dig deeper and deeper
keep these two tiny hands of mine sore and tortured
just to see my search is nothing but hopeless wishes
I do have a life

My tears run down my hollow cheeks, leaving an ugly deep trace
My laugh subsides, blown by the silent wind
My shapeless heart's gone cold, frozen by the heartless spirit
My mind loses its way, drags me to insanity
I do have a life
I do


eyes of a tragedy said...

Firstly, I wish to thank you for the wonderful comment you left on my site about the poem. Thank you very much.
Secondly, you write wonderfully well also and you are actaully in a career field which I wish to reach one day, that being the Education field.
Would you mind if I added a link to your blog on my site?
Thanks hun!
PS: you are very cute too!

RinAku said...

Hi "eyes of a tragedy" ! Thanks for visiting my blog and for the comment :) and You're most welcome. I do like the poems on your blog.

WoW, you wanna be a teacher too? Cool! I wish you good luck!

I won't mind for sure! :) Thanks for adding a link to my blog. Feel honoured,actually. I've bookmarked your blog since my first visit :) Too bad I don't know anything about html, but I'm learning. As soon as I know more, I'll add a link to your blog as well on mine.

hahaha...I'm cute? thanks ^__+

Whoami said...

Hi Rinaku,

Miss your writing. Hope you will write on your blog soon. Cheers!