Thursday, May 26, 2005

I'm Back !

Wednesday, May 25.

I'm home! ^__+

What a short get-away :( I wish I had a few more days to stay in Gili Trawangan, my favourite island. It was hard to step on my feet on the boat which took me to cross the strait. I hated myself for doing a late booking. I could have got a flight home yesterday, on Tuesday, May 24, if I had called the travel agent earlier. Tuesday was a national holiday, so I actually had one more night to stay in Gili, instead of going back on Monday. And another thing is I missed the full-moon party held on Monday evening, from 7 p.m onwards. It's a big event in Gili island, for this party is held once in 2 years, on a full-moon night. Tourists and local people from Bali and Lombok always come to Gili for this big event.

Thinking how short my days-off is, I envy my best friend, Carla. She is staying in Lombok till Saturday.Hiks hiks hiks....

Well, despite my regrets for late booking, I really enjoyed my 1 night in Senggigi and 2 nights in Trawangan. It was great to do whatever things I wanted to. I met new people and made friends with some of them. It's just nice and fun.

Ah yea, I finally tried 'snorkelling' !!! WoW !!! I'm not really a good swimmer, so I had been afraid to try it before my recent visit to Gili. It's really amazing to see things under water. The colourful coral, the fish, the sea-weed, and else. I would have tried it a long time ago if I had known how beatiful those things are. It's just WOW!!! I got sunburn at my back and arms, but everything I saw was worth-seeing. So, no regrets. ^__^

It's suprising how the local people there, especially the ones I met 2 years ago, on my first visit to that island, remembered me and my friend, Carla. We then found out that there're not many Indonesian girls who travel there like us, two beautiful young women. hehehehehehe.........

I was speechless when I saw the beautiful sunset from the hill on the other side of the island. Too bad I didn't have my camera to take some shots of the beach and the sunset.

I liked it a lot...just to lie down and see the sky and clouds. They seemed so close that I could almost touch them. Amazing.

I feel a lot better now, fresher and more energetic. I'm glad I decided to take a few days-off. I now have to deal with my crazy days again, but now that I've got my spirit back, I shall be able to manage everything.


PS: I'll write the complete story of my 4 days-trip to Lombok on RinAku-journey soon.


Carla said...

ah ya.. but 9 days stay in the island for the third time was pretty boring as well. especially when the cute guys were already taken. bleh.

RinAku said...

hahahaha....! Poor us,eh?