Friday, May 27, 2005

Heaven on Earth

Strolling along the dessert of blue
Feeling the warmth of this ivory carresing dust,
beneath my bare feet
Capturing the almost white horizon
Listening to the whispers of the wind
Watching the steps of the waves
I wish I could stay here forever

As the sun goes down,
and the yellow spectrum turns red
As the waves reach the clouds,
showing their passion for the night
As the air gets a bit chilly,
but still the warmth stays
If I could witness these all my life

I see the sincerity on each smile
of those pure innocent souls of island
I heart the simplicity of every thought
of those sweet exotic faces
I admire the strength and faith
of those lovable survivors
I wish my life would only be simple

As I walk away,
dim lights lead my way
Saving me from absolute darkness
As I look up there,
thousand of stars shower my half-tanned body
Saving me from loneliness

If I could only stay
If I could only live
If I could only breathe
If I could only rest
in this small heaven
My heaven on earth


eyes of a tragedy said...

thanks very much for the nice comment you left on my blog, i'm glad you enjoyed it.
i like this post, it's so much more uplifting and happy then my story, haha. great imagery.

RinAku said...

You are most welcome :) I like your writings much.

I just felt like writing something about the place I visited during my get away. I love that island so much.

Whoami said...

That's the kind of place I have been dreaming about for the past few months and your poem describes exactly how I would like to experience a sojourn to such a paradise. Thanks, it was a lovely poem.

RinAku said...


Oh ya? the kind of place you've been dreaming about? Cool. Then I'm sure you'd like this Gili island as much as I do.

Thanks for liking the poem ^__+

Sou said...

Wow! That poem made me feel like i was there!!! Superb detail!!!

Carla said...

nice place to stay temporarily yes. i wouldn't want to live there forever, though. hehe..

however, nice vacation we had there.

RinAku said...


Thanks :) I wanted to make it as descriptive as possible.


Well, you know I was just imagining. My life is just complicated, I wish it would only be simple and just be simple me, then that place would be nice to live in.

Hahaha...ya,Gili is just a nice place to stay temporarily.

Yeah, we did have a nice vacation there :)