Thursday, May 19, 2005

A Get Away

First of all, thanks to aquarius for your concern, attention, and for liking my writings. I haven’t been on blog for about 2 weeks. I actually wanted to write some, but there has been too much to deal with lately. It’s been harder to breathe.

Work has been busy as always. In fact this month and next month are the busiest months of the year at my place. I’ve been dealing more with handling problems concerning class management and teaching performance of the part-time teachers than the program itself. So, it’s been pretty tough. It has made me wonder why they can’t just be ‘teachers’ and behave like what they should instead of acting like children. *sigh* However, I’ve learnt more about socializing and human’s relationship. I may not be that good at coordinating people, but I’ve been trying my best as a coordinator.

Well, though work is pretty crazy, it’s not the thing that has been bothering me. It’s more about personal things, especially about relationship. I just don’t know.... I feel empty. I can’t think. I’m not even sure what I want. I hate feeling like this.

I never thought that this thing called relationship between a man and a woman would affect me this much. I thought I was that strong. In fact I’m not. I’m just a woman who has feelings. When the willingness and effort to keep the bond aren’t there anymore, what should I expect? Haven’t I tried much? Haven’t I been understanding enough? Haven’t I....?

I’m just fed up. I need to get away somewhere. I’ve asked my boss for a few days-off. Well, it’s actually not the right time to leave work, but I badly need to be alone and think. Getting away from work and home and refreshing my mind are just the things I’ve gotta do. So, I’m leaving tomorrow to Lombok, one of my favourite places in this country. I’m going to explore 1 or 2 spots I’ve never visited before. Hopefully, I’ll have a lighter heart and fresher mind when I’m back. I’m away from tomorrow, May 19 to 23.

So, till then :)


Telescopic_viewpoint said...

Have fun on your trip. Don't fall too far. :)

But, in all good of things, just be your wicked awesome self and try to encorporate that peacefulness back into your everyday life.

I wish you the best of luck.

Whoami said...

It's a blessing to have an escape valve and to know when and how to use it. Everthing takes time but most of all everything needs time to think through. Cheers!

RinAku said...

Thanks T_V and Aquarius :)

I won't fall too far.

I just need to escape for a while. I'm sure I'll be my normal spirited-self when I'm back ^__+