Wednesday, September 28, 2005

She Called You a Father

I wish I knew why she called you a father

Probably because...

You got a part in your imaginative creation
You stood outside the plain white room with your cigar in your mouth
You held her fragile figure in your arms for a hint of time
You smiled sourly when she cried at her silent night

or because...

You missed her life's moments
then gave her your reasonably ridiculous excuses
You encouraged her in your plain heartless tone
You crowned her with the prettiest thorns in the universe
You glanced at her when she stumbled and fell

or it's because...

You laughed when river of tears ran down her hollow cheeks
You whistled at her pain and misery
You sat back and relaxed her bloody figure gone stale

I wish I knew......


Whoami said...

Good that you are writing again. You have made it possible with your words for me to feel how terrible it is to have a parent like that. Keep on writing to provide us with life's stories to reflect on and to see how best we can live ours. Take care.

RinAku said...

Thanks aquarius :)

I'll keep writing. No matter how things are...I'll keep writing. Thanks for everything