Tuesday, September 27, 2005

How am I supposed to feel?

How am I supposed to feel?

When you boast and praise yourself
tell me and him
that you’re the best in the universe
that you rule with your supreme power and fame
that the sun and moon are nothing
but the most of the most ordinary

When you raise up your head
high and higher....
tell me and her
that my hopeless life will be red, orange, and green
that her dead end road will be no longer black, grey, and dark
that my great knowledge of the earth, wind, and soil are none
but the most upper surface of the sea

When you sweetly promise and vow
so convincingly...
tell me and them...
that my long exhausting journey has come to an end
that their little nothing-selves will be something
...and someone...
that our humble-selves will be seated on diamond chairs
that our smart intelligent-selves are nobody
but stinky dust and ashes


I found out....
that you’re nobody but a big fat liar
that your boasts are none but dirty bubbles
that your vows are nothing but cheap meaningless words
that your pride is nothing but simply a cover of your rotten-self

you are just rubbish

your words....promises...vows...and self
are simply


Whoami said...

I hope you feel much better after the writing the poem. Although I do not now exactly what or who has caused you to feel like that, I can emphathise with you and I think your poem must have helped you in some way to get rid of the anguish inside you. It's like flicking dirt off one's shoulder - instead of letting it accumulate and become filth on our shoulders. I like the way you develop the poem - if I were to draw a picture I would imagine a crouching tiger springing at its prey and watching the powerful and yet beautiful movement frame by frame. Cheers, you should compile an anthology of poems someday and get them published.

Telescopic_viewpoint said...

Hey, thanks for the comment. I've been missing your expeditions and writings. I like this last one. Well, especially the first three parts and how each one kind of relates to each other and the different visions of the moon and the sun and the earth. Keep it up!

RinAku said...

Thanks aquarius :)

I felt better after writing it. It was an expression of my disappointment towards the company I've been working at. Everything was so good, even almost perfect when the first time I got in there. Words are always easy. It's too bad that this past year they've been doing less and less to prove what they've always promised and said.

Thanks for your supporting comment. And about compiling my poems and get them published..that sounds like a good idea. Maybe someday :)))

Bunch of thanks ^__+

Hi Cynical Mind!!
You're most welcome. I always like reading your writings. I have no other words to say but you're just that talented! :)

Glad you like some parts of this poem.


Carla said...

too good. well expressed.