Saturday, August 09, 2008

Moving in

Finally, tomorrow is gonna be the time 2 move in! It's gonna be a busy sunday as we're moving the electronic appliances and other things like the books i need for private teaching and else from my old place to the new one.As much as the excitement I feel 4 a bigger house with a better neighborhood & facilities, I hate the moving. It takes weeks for me to pack and unpack. Phew! However, I'm happy 2 have a change,especially after some unpleasant experiences I've had.A new place means a new hope, a new & better life, and hopefully, a new boyfriend :p


Carla said...

what unpleasant experience? i never got to hear those! and are you expecting to get a new boyfriend in your new neighbourhood????

RinAku said...

Hahaha!! In my neighbourhood? No way!!

Carla said...

lah habisnya new boyfriend once you move. post some pics of your new place!!!