Sunday, October 14, 2007

A wrong decision?

It's been almost a month since I got back working full-time at MLT again. So many things have gone wrong. I see how messy things are at the company now. Losing 2 of their best full-time workers and me being almost 3 months off-work seem to make everyone, especially the manager overwhelmed.

My first 1.5 weeks back to work was quite a disappointment. They cut my salary without confirming it with me. They claimed that I still owed them some money on the loan I took last year. I was like 'what the hell is this?' I remember that the loan thing was done right when I finished my previous contract. It's just crazy. After some arguments with the manager that made me find out how bad their administration system is, I finally got my money back.

Then, just a week ago, when Pak Win (the manager) called me to give me my "Hari Raya" bonus, I was shocked that they cut it as much as Rp 700,000 with a ridiculous reason.
"Ms.Rina, the board of directors have considered that it would be reasonable to cut 1/3 of your yearly bonus as you didn't work for us for 3 months.''
DAMN them!!!
For God's sake! I wasn't paid either. And it was them who BEGGED me to stay when I told them I wouldn't sign a renewal contract. It was them who offered me a few months off instead of letting me go. GOSH!

Now that I know their true self, I will not do more than what I have to. I've always given people a second chance. They've got their 3rd chance, but I know now that they didn't deserve it. I don't want to regret the decision I've made, for I don't have time for it. I'll just think about my small dream house.

My house :)

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