Monday, November 16, 2009

Entering marriage life

It's the 2nd month of me being a wife. Till 8 months ago never I thought that I would be meeting someone that never crossed my imagination nor would I be married to him this soon. But, that's life....we never know what lies ahead. It felt like yesterday when it all started. Things happened so fast from dating to proposal, then to marriage and soon to be a mother.

This is something new for me. I'm sure most newly-weds would say the same thing. Me...someone who has been super independent, now is learning how to share a lot of things with someone else. Well, I'm not saying that I never share things with other people, it's just it's so different. It's not that easy to share some of your thoughts, especially private ones to somebody else, even your most loved one.

Just within two months, there are some major changes and a few big surprises. It takes a lot of considerations to make the best decisions. There are moments when I just wanna be selfish, but I'm no longer single again. I now have someone whom I'm sharing a life with. So, whatever happens...we just have to stick together and deal with it.

Despite the problems, I do enjoy being a married woman. I would say it's like a journey. It's exciting, surprising, unpredictable, emotional sometimes (or is it just me being sensitive pregnant woman :p), and.... Well, it's just undescribable :) Indeed!


Carla Ardian said...

yeah i know how exciting it is! well a mix of feelings really. loved, got jealous of, annoyed, pampered, but definitely not lonely. enjoy your time together before the baby is born. after that, i bet it's gonna be real hard to find quality time with your husband.

speaking not based on my own experience, but still experience anyway. haha

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