Monday, November 03, 2008


Monday, November 3, 2008 -- Today is mom's birthday. We're having family dinner. Some very close relatives are coming, too. Like our typical manadonese b'day dinner, there's always super hot & spicy food. We even have mango and chocolate pudding for dessert. The only thing that we don't have this time is a birthday cake. Mom said it's a waste of money when we already have much food served on the table. That's my mom! :) She would prefer spending the money for daily needs to something like a birthday cake on her birthday. Happy Birthday, Mom!


Carla said...

ya gitu deh mama mama. AKU MAU MANADONESE FOOD!!!!!!!!

RinAku said...

Iya. Dasar mama mama! Manadonese food nanti kali ye, kalo aku ke Bali lagi kubawain