Friday, May 05, 2006

Weird world

I never really realized how this world and life could be so weird. I know it now that I just have to exeperience it myself.

It's been a long pause since I last posted something here. I've missed blogging so much and actually have had so many in my head which need to be expressed, but somehow it was hard for me to type. I'm not sure why. I'll figure it out later.

My best friend, Carla, has moved out to this small town in Middle Java called "Tegal". I always know her as a big traveller, but never really crossed my mind that she would ever work outside Surabaya though she had told me many times about working in another town or even another country. She moved out last week. I've given her a few calls ever since she moved out just to know how's everything in her new place. We won't hang out like we used to anymore, but this is just what she needs and perhaps what I need. We never know what life's planned for us, don't we?

It was just strange how things were before Carla left. This circle of friends...Carla-Me-Jun. I regret for what have happened, but can't turn back as life must go on. Now Jun and Carla don't talk to each other anymore. These two best friends of mine who have strong and controlling charateristic. I hate to see them like this, but nothing much for me to do as I've done my best. I hope time will help a bit, though they still need to talk about everything right face to face.

And there's this american guy named Dimitri who happen to know Carla and me....and finally Jun. So, the three of us know him. I don't know whether it's a guy thing or what. Or maybe it's just me who just have to know more guys to be able to understand more how they behave or think. He's actually quite a fun person. He's someone who's compatible enough if you wanna argue about quite various topics. However, after what have happened I can't value him as much as I did. I think that's because he started everything with a lie, at least that's how I see it. Then, there came a few more lies here and there. I treated him badly the last time I met him, which was an unexpected one. I know I shouldn't have treated him that way, but I just couldn't help it. For me, he somehow took part in making things worse between jun and carla. This is all just so silly and weird.

Above all, I found out another side of these two friends whom I care about. I won't say this side is bad or good as it's just a part of them. I will just try to understand and accept it. That's they way they are. It's not that easy to understand people, even those who are around you. Don't you think?

Things aren't that good with my personal life. But, I shall survive. I just hope someday when I look back, I know that I've done my best.

I have to move on. Everybody does.


Whoami said...

Glad to have you back. I've missed you. You are right about life - that we only know more about it through experience. It is sad sometimes that life as we have known it all along cannot carry on as it was. People change, we change and I have learned that change is inevitable and like you said, we just have to move on. Take care :-)

Carla said...

Things are going fine with me and Jun now. We settled it all over email.

Don't worry. :) I still love you, girls.