Friday, January 14, 2005


"Met Pagi"
(Good Morning)

Opening my eyes and taking a deep breath....

Feel the fresh morning air.

Looking at the ceiling and think, " What's the day?"

" Ah, it's Saturday"

*sigh & relieved*

I'm smiling to myself. ^__^ "Cool! No rushing. No early shower"

Lying in bed again and hugging my pillow, I'm thinking of the new comics I read last night before beddy.

“hahahahaha...." remembering some of the funny and stupid scenes in "HEART". Well, it's not a 'that' good comic book, but I like it. The drawing itself is good, especially the male characters. And the female character...."Yume" Hmmm, she's super duper stupid, innocent, and clumsy.....but underneath it all, she's got pure loving heart. So, that's the point! - H E A R T -

And today, in this relaxing morning...just another Saturday morning, my heart is fine.

I'm smiling again. ^________^ This time, a big one.

This is how my mornings should be. Relaxing and Comforting. My favourite part of the day.

It feels good to lay my head on my comfey big pillow. It's like I can think of all my dreams and wishes...picture myself in the future. How would it be? How would it feel like?

^_____^ another smile

I think it would be great. I would feel good.

"Am I a dreamer? Do you think?"

Well, in a way...I think I am.

"Aren't we dreamers?" I asked myself.

Dreamers of our own dreams?


Carla said...

I surely am a dreamer. But I live for my dreams.:P

RinAku said...

Well, Who doesn't? Only those who are stupid, I think. But certainly...none of us, right?

Antonio said...

I dream all the time while at work, driving through the thick of the night, and whenever there's poignant scenary that reminds me of my childhood and adolescent years. Each fleeting moments brings out great big sighs accompanied by what ifs...